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  • Prof. Roy K Varghese attended a QIP short term programme on 'Free and Open Source GeospatialTechnologies', for Natural Resources Management on 9 to 13th April 2018 at IISC, Bengal[....] Read More
  • Prof. Roy K Varghese attended The National Environment And Climate Change Congress 2018 ( NECCC 18’) at Energy Management Centre , Thiruvananthapuram on 20th to 22nd March 2018, [....] Read More
  • Dr K Retnakumari, Prof Lekshmy Surendran, Prof Nisha R S, Prof. Susant S G, Prof. Maya G S Thankachy and Prof. Divya S Nair attended FDP on GeoGebra organized by Department of Appl[....] Read More
  • Ms. Divya.M,Assistant Professor and Ms.Lekshmi,Assistant Professor attended the National Seminar on ‘Data analysis’ on 13th and 14th February 2014 at University teaching Depart[....] Read More
  • Ms. Divya M , Lekshmi M, Susan Rosh Jose and Maya G.S Thankachy attended a National Seminar on ‘Emerging Trends in Graph Connections’ at the Department of Mathematics, Universi[....] Read More